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The Los Cabos area offers more than just gorgeous beaches. It’s full of rich culture and history. In today’s blog, Lifestyle Villas offers information on some of the historical sites you must see during your vacation in Los Cabos. Be sure to add these stops to your itinerary.


1. El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

Most noteworthy of the landmarks in Los Cabos, El Arco de Cabo San Lucas or The Arch at Land’s End is an iconic symbol of the area. Centuries ago, The Arch was used as a hiding place by pirates, who would ambush and plunder merchant ships heading toward the west coast. Visitors can take in the views of the ocean while examining the natural rock formations carved by the strong ocean currents. During your exploration of Land’s End, you’re sure to spot a colony of sea lions and possibly even some whales.


2. Casa de la Cultura

Featuring distinctive Colonial-style architecture, the Casa de la cultura is a famous local landmark in downtown Cabo San Lucas. This historical structure is known for its pink façade, and it dates back more than 150 years. The building was once used to house resident Americans during the war between the USA and Mexico in the middle of the 19th century. Today, the landmark is used for entertainment purposes and houses a theatre. Learn about the colorful history of this place while you’re in San Jose del Cabo.


3. El Faro Viejo & Museo

Known locally as “El Faro Viejo,” the Old Lighthouse was constructed more than 100 years ago. Built in 1890, the Lighthouse was used to signal ships from 1895 to 1961. Cabo Expeditions invites you to meet the natural and regional history of Cabo in a journey through the most beautiful and emblematic points. The tour starts with a visit to the Natural History Museum of Cabo San Lucas, where you will be able to admire the zebra fossil, the base for the paleontological recreation of the prehistoric life of the region. You will also find the recreation of a Pericue women and the archeological vestiges found in the area. The tour concludes with a visit to the iconic old lighthouse, where you will be able to take a tour through the structure and meet its history.


4. Misión de San José del Cabo Añuiti

The Mision de San Jose del Cabo Añuiti, or the Church of San Jose, was an often-visited landmark for Spanish navigators and English privateers for nearly two centuries. The mission was finally established in 1730. While the mission was moved to the beach in 1735, it was re-established at the original site in 1753. The mission resisted flooding, epidemics and illnesses until it was abandoned in 1840. The beautiful San Jose Church that stands today was built in 1940, close to the place of the original mission. It features a lovely mosaic on the facade at the main entrance that narrates the killing of the missionary Tamaral by Pericues living in the region.


5. Iglesia de San Lucas

Located in downtown Cabo San Lucas, the historic Iglesia de San Lucas has become an important parish church. It is the main Catholic Church in Cabo San Lucas, and is the most widely-attended church in the area. Originally constructed in 1730, the rather simple structure is a tribute to the local history because little has changed in its appearance since then. The church is surrounded by a pristine plaza containing several restaurants and small shops.


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