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You just got engaged and now the wedding planning begins. Both you and your spouse love to travel, so why not have a destination wedding? Whether you’re the type of couple that just likes to relax on the beach or you’re up for some adventure, Los Cabos is an amazing place to host your special day! Lifestyle Villas is here to help you with all your Los Cabos wedding plans, and to get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the best destination wedding planning tips.


1. Select the Perfect Date.

Just like if you were having a wedding at home, you need to consider the weather. Think about the climate of the destination you’ve chose and what time of year would be best for a wedding there. The great thing about Los Cabos is that we have sunshine just about every day of the year! While you might consider planning your wedding outside of hurricane season or tourist season, there’s really no bad time to head down to the Baja Peninsula and tie the knot! (Be sure to book everything well in advance so you not only ensure availability with Los Cabos accommodations and vendors, but so that your guests can get time off and book their airline tickets).


2. Take a Planning Trip.

Before the big day arrives, consider taking at least one planning trip to the destination. While the advances in technology allow us to book a variety of things completely online now, for something like a wedding you may want to see things in person. You’ll want to scout out the venue options, find a rehearsal dinner venue, interview local suppliers like a caterer, florist and photographer. To make this entire planning process much easier on you, Lifestyle Villas offers in-house event planning services. We work with only the best vendors in Los Cabos to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch.


3. Create a Budget.

One misconception of destination weddings is that they are a lot more expensive than having one in your own backyard. The truth is that, if done correctly, a destination wedding could cost around the same or sometimes even less. Depending on where you live, the event facilities and vendors could be less expensive in Mexico. For example, if you live in New York City or Los Angeles, event facilities are in high demand and can cost you a pretty penny. Call around to some of our trusted vendors to get an idea of the pricing you can expect in Los Cabos, and use those numbers to create an estimated budget. Be sure to include travel expenses for you and your immediate family.


4. Take Care of Your Guests.

When you choose to have a destination wedding, there’s more for guests to consider. Make it easy on them by arranging as much as you can for them. Starting with the wedding party, be sure to let those you ask to stand by your side know that it will be a destination wedding. For all guests, you’ll want to arrange group rates for flights and accommodations, list transportation information and consider having welcome bags ready for those that make the trip. Don’t be disappointed in those that can’t make the commitment. While your wedding is like a mini-vacation for you and your spouse, it may not be the one your friends and relatives want to take.


5. Don’t Do Everything Yourself.

No matter where you choose to say your vows, it’s a good idea to hire a wedding planner. However, it’s particularly important with a destination wedding. Having someone that’s familiar with the Los Cabos area will come in handy when you find a thousand questions running through your head? They will be able to help you deal with vendors and make special arrangements for you, since you’ll be thousands of miles away. Plus, if you don’t speak Spanish, their language skills will be even more beneficial when dealing with the local vendors.


Few places compare with Los Cabos as a magical wedding destination! When you choose to work with Lifestyle Villas, you’ll have access to not only the best luxury properties in Mexico, but also destination management, concierge services and our list of select local service providers. There’s no better place for you and your wedding party to stay than in one of our luxury villas in Los Cabos! Depending on the size of your guest list, you could even have the ceremony and reception right there in the comfort of your private villa. Learn more about our wedding & event services here. Call 1-888-655-9589 to start working with one of our event coordinators today!



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