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Need a little time away from the boys? There’s no better place for a girls getaway than sunny Los Cabos! Whether you’re looking for a blissful spa retreat or a little adventure, Los Cabos has a little something for everyone in your group. Just image hanging out at your beachfront villa in Los Cabos, getting mani-pedis poolside and sipping margaritas! You and your friends will have the time of your lives when you plan a Los Cabos vacation with Lifestyle Villas!


Beach Girls Getaway1. Start with Some Pre-Planning.

The first, most important step, is agreeing on a date that works for everyone. Be sure to plan ahead enough for all your gal pals to ask off work if needed. You also want to make sure there aren’t any conflicts with kids’ activities or the spouses’ work schedule. Once you have the dates set, you also want to establish a budget. You want everyone in your circle of friends to have a great time, but you also don’t want to break the bank. You want to make sure that no one feels pressured to spend more than they intended.


2. Rent a Private House.

Unlike in a crowded hotel, a private Los Cabos home offers plenty of common areas to gather, as well as space to spread out. Having a full kitchen allows you to spend time together preparing meals, while also saving money by not eating out all week long. When you choose to stay with Lifestyle Villas, you can experience the privacy of having your own home, while also getting that resort-like feel through our amenities. Most of our Los Cabos villa rentals offer a private pool, as well as an ocean view. Several of the homes are even beachfront, so you can go from relaxing by the pool to sticking your toes in the sand in a matter of minutes!


3. Survey the Group.

While you may be doing the planning, it’s important that you keep everyone’s interests in mind. Some people are ecstatic to just spend the week laying on the beach and soaking up the sun. Others may want a little more adventure. Get an idea of what everyone might be up for and then do some research on available activities. It’s fine if two people want to explore the city of Cabo San Lucas while the others want to spend the day at the beach. At the end of the day, you can meet back at your private luxury villa in Los Cabos for a special meal prepared by one of our chefs.


4. Enlist the Help of a Specialist.

At Lifestyle Villas, we know the area and can recommend the best places to explore, the best restaurants to eat at and the best activities to participate in. You let us know what your idea of “fun” is and we’ll help you create the perfect itinerary. We can schedule a spa day at your private villa, complete with massages and mani-pedis. We can arrange for a private chef to cook you meals. Whatever you expect on your vacation, we’ll try to make a reality. Planning a vacation from thousands of miles away doesn’t have to be difficult when you have experts you can trust!


Girls Trip5. Coordinate Your Packing.

Make sure no one feels under-dressed or over-dressed by coordinating outfits before heading off on your girls getaway. You want to be comfortable, but you also don’t want to have one person in jeans and flip-flops while everyone else has their flowing summer dresses on. Be sure to let everyone know the itinerary, so they can easily decide what types of outfits they will need for the entire trip. A quick chat with the girls and what everyone plans to wear will go a long way. In addition to wardrobe selection, many women tend to overpack. You don’t need to bring 5 hairdryers, etc. Discuss who’s going to bring what and share common items to cut down on the amount of luggage brought on the trip.


6. Make a List of Goals & Expectations.

Everyone has their own idea of “vacation.” Do you want this girls trip to be about partying in style, adventure, relaxation or a combination of them all? Make sure that everyone’s expectations are known before the trip begins. Leave flexibility in the schedule to allow for some group bonding time and also some alone time. While this is a girl’s trip, you don’t necessarily have to do everything together. As mentioned above, let your thrill-seekers do one thing, while the others relax on the beach. You want to make sure everyone has a great time!

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