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Los Cabos is the perfect destination for an underwater adventure. The variety of sea life you can experience through various water activities is amazing. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities for visitors to participate in during their Los Cabos vacation. However, without some basic skills, good equipment and knowledge about the dangers and conditions of the ocean, a first time experience could be a little challenging. In today’s blog, Lifestyle Villas offers a few tips for those who’ve never experienced snorkeling before.


snorkeling gear1. Find a Reputable Snorkeling Tour Company.

Avoid a poor experience by making sure you have the knowledge and guidance of a professional. There are a variety of snorkeling tour companies in Los Cabos, and Lifestyle Villas will refer you to only the best of the best! When you choose to book activities through us, you can rest assured we offer the most fun, creative and safe activities in Los Cabos.


2. Use the Proper Equipment.

Masks come in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to find one with a good fit. You don’t want it to start leaking on you because it’s too big. You should also consider getting a dry snorkel or at least one with a splash guard. A dry snorkel has a special valve on top that seals shut when your snorkel goes underwater, preventing water from flooding down your snorkel. You also want to ensure the fins are neither too tight nor too loose. Keep in mind that wet feet will often shrink a little in the cooler water, so a snug fit is important. Proper fitting fins will give you a tremendous amount of swimming force and save you a ton of energy.


Couple Snorkeling3. Stay Calm and Relaxed.

One thing you want to avoid is becoming panicked and/or exhausted. Swim slowly to avoid exerting all of your energy too quickly. Exhaustion is a common issue for first time snorkelers. The trick is to stay relaxed and calm. If you’re not careful, you can wipe yourself out quickly. Be sure to keep your breathing slow and easy. Learn to float without effort, and only swim rapidly if necessary for safety. Staying relaxed will help ensure a successful snorkeling adventure.


4. Choose a Good Location.

As a first time snorkeler, you should consider snorkeling from a beach rather than a boat. Jumping off into deep water, with unfamiliar equipment, can be frightening. It’s better to ease your way into the deeper waters and get familiar with how the equipment works. You want to have a fun experience, not a frightening one. In addition, you’ll want to choose a spot with a lot of fish and corals to see. However, the most popular spots might not be best for beginners as they can be crowded. Your reputable snorkeling tour company will advise you on the best spots for beginners.


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