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While you could technically drive to Los Cabos, flying is much easier. If you’ve never flown before, or even if you have, here are few tips from your Los Cabos villa rental company to keep in mind for your international flight to Mexico:


1. Stay Hydrated.

It’s no mystery that travelling takes a lot out of you. Therefore, it’s important you take steps to stay hydrated. While you can’t take water through security, you can bring an empty, re-fillable water bottle that you can fill at a water fountain before getting on your flight. In addition, there are a variety of shops inside security where you can purchase water. If you are unable to get water before getting on your flight, be sure to ask your flight attendant for some. Extra Tip: Don’t avoid water because you’re worried about using the restroom on the plane – if you get sick from dehydration, you’re likely to still have to use that bathroom on the plane.


2. Bring Snacks.

Depending on the length of your flight, you’re probably going to want to bring some snacks with you. Airport food can sometimes be pricey, and typically isn’t that nutritious. Consider packing some almonds or a protein bar to help hold you over while you wait in the airport or to enjoy during your flight. Extra Tip: Bring sugarless chewing gum because it reduces the airplane feeling of thirst and can also come in handy to chew during takeoff and landing.


3. Layer Your Clothing.

Airplanes are often chilly and you don’t want to be cold your entire flight. By laying your clothing, you’ll be able to easily adjust to the temperature of the plane. Then when you land in sunny Los Cabos, you can easily remove the sleeves and enjoy the warm weather outside the plane. Your extra layers can also double as a pillow during your flight if needed. Extra Tip: Dress comfortably. You can always change once you arrive at your destination.


4. Pack Smart.

When packing your carry-on, think about when you’ll need to get in there and what you’ll need to get. It’s usually best to pack your clothes on the bottom, with your electronics and bag of liquids on top. Some airlines will require you to remove your bag of liquids from your carry-on during the security check, so having those on top helps. You’re also typically required to remove your laptop from the bag and place it in a container by itself when going through security. Extra Tip: Don’t over pack. You don’t want to be carrying heavy bags through the airport or lifting them up to fit in the overhead bin.


5. Check Airline Regulations Beforehand.

Before arriving at the airport for your flight, check the regulations of your specific airline. Check the size of liquids that are allowed in your carry-on, check to see the size dimensions allowed for your carry-on bag and your personal item, etc. Does your airline charge extra for checked baggage or carry-on baggage? By checking your airlines website for the most recent regulation updates, you’ll avoid a lot of headaches! Extra Tip: Make sure to bring a zip-lock baggie (and maybe an extra) to put those “acceptable” liquids in.


After booking your flight to Mexico, you’re going to need to find Los Cabos accommodations! The best villas rentals in Los Cabos are brought to you by Lifestyle Villas. Check them out on our website and give us a call at 1-888-655-9589 to book your reservations. We’re here to help you make your Los Cabos vacation an unforgettable experience!



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