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While many visitors focus on the beautiful beaches, there’s so much more to Los Cabos. Many people refer to the area as “where the desert meets the sea.” Imagine walking along sand dunes and observing cacti, while a fresh breeze blows in from the sea just steps away. When vacationing in Los Cabos, you can explore nature on land and at sea. Keep reading to learn more about the stunning desert areas of the Baja Peninsula.


baja california desertThe Baja California Desert

The Baja California desert measures almost 50,000 square miles. Located at the Baja Peninsula, the desert is surrounded by both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Not only is this region home to desert, beaches and sea, but also mountains! One of the most unique areas in Mexico, this area offers both breathtaking ocean views and spectacular mountain views. The stunning desert offers a great place to become one with nature.


Desert Plants

The high temperatures and low humidity of the desert limits plant life to species that are adapted to the harsh terrain. Desert plants tend to have small leaves, which often fall off in drought conditions. Mesquite and paloverde trees are both commonly found in the desert of the Baja Peninsula. Other plants and trees you’ll find here include: ocotillos, agaves, yuccas, acacia trees, Fan palms and Mexican blue palms. Creosote bush and bur sage dominate the driest areas of the desert. This desert is home to many unusual plants, including the boojum tree, which exists only in Baja California. You’ll also find more than 110 species of cacti on the peninsula, including cardon, the world’s largest cactus.



baja california lizardDesert Wildlife

The animals found in the Baja Peninsula also display adaptations for the hot, arid conditions of the desert. Most desert animals are light gray or buff in color, to provide camouflage and prevent light absorption. Most animals adapt to the heat by modifying their behavior such as only being active during cooler hours, burrowing and hibernating. The desert area offers a wide array of wildlife for you to observe. Many rodents live in the desert, including squirrels, gophers, mice, rats and rabbits. You will also find Amphibians and reptiles, such as lizards, geckos, chuckwallas and spiny tailed iguanas. Bats are plentiful in the desert, and they play a very important role in the pollination of flowering cacti and agaves. The most widespread mammal on the Baja Peninsula is the coyote. Kit fox, gray fox, ringtail, bobcat, lynx, badgers, mule deer, and Desert Bighorn sheep can also be found throughout the desert. While mountain lions don’t live in the desert itself, they are prevalent in the surrounding mountain areas. The Baja California Peninsula also hosts around 300 species of birds. While many people view desert areas barren and devoid of life, there’s no shortage of animal and plant life here!


Start planning your trip to Los Cabos today and come take in this stunning region! Explore the Baja California desert through a variety of land activities. From ATV and off-road tours to camel rides and hiking tours, there’s an activity for everyone to enjoy! Talk to one of our Lifestyle specialists about creating the perfect itinerary for your trip. In addition, we’ll hook you up with the best luxury accommodations in Los Cabos! Our ocean and golf view villa rentals in Los Cabos will make you feel right at home in our wonderful sun-soaked paradise!


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