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Are you ready for the ride of your life? Wild Canyon offers the best tours and activities in the Los Cabos area. If you’re looking for an adventurous vacation, look no further than here! From zip-lining and bungee jumping to parasailing and snorkeling, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. When you choose to stay with Lifestyle Villas, your Lifestyle specialist will be happy to assist in planning your itinerary.


Logo-Wild-Canyon-v1What is Wild Canyon?

Wild Canyon was developed for fun and excitement! Located in the tourist corridor of Cabo San Lucas – San Jose del Cabo, this adventure park features a variety of activities and extreme sports. After over 15 years and an investment of working with the best engineering firm, they have perfected their attractions to be able to offer you a unique experience, trustful and very safe. Explore the natural wonders of Mexico at Wild Canyon!



Find the ride of your life with one of these great activities!


Monster Ziplines

The full zipline experience lasts for 4 hours and features 2.5 more miles than ANY other tour in Cabo! The zipline features 8 concrete anchored, Swedish steel cable lines with 32,000 lbs. capacity. Up to four flyers can go at once! They offer certified, trained guides and offer training and zip school classes.


Canyon BridgeOff Road Runners – ATV Touring

Drive the beach, bridge, river bed and canyon top on an ATV. The full experience lasts 4 hours, and the tour is led by one of their professional guides. Race up the narrow sandy arroyo paths, climb up the rocky mountain sides, and through the canyon floor oasis. You can even cross the 1,082 ft. suspension bridge.


Canyon Bridge

Walk on the wild side and trek across 1,082 ft. of Los Cabos history! Enjoy amazing views of Los Cabos Canyon from this must-see landmark. This wooden hanging suspension bridge is the largest of its kind in the world! Access to the bridge is included with a park pass. Check out the look-out observation deck or stop for a rest at one of the seating areas, featuring binoculars to take in the view. You can even enjoy a refreshing drink at El Cometa Margarita Bar.


Bungee Bombers – Gondola Bungee Jump

Take the leap of a lifetime! The full experience lasts 4 hrs and features a tram ride out to a glass-floored gondola. Jump from the 300 ft. high gondola. You can choose between a waist or ankles jump. This bungee jump is the only experience of its kind in Mexico!


The Sling Swinger – Giant Swing

This swing is just like the one in your backyard growing up, only 300 ft. higher! The full experience lasts 4 hrs. Ride the tram out to a glass-floored gondola, and take a 200 ft. drop at 60 mph! You can swing solo or with a friend. This swing is the only experience of its kind in Mexico!


Camel QuestThe Camel Quest – Camel Riding Tour

From oasis to outback, enjoy a long trek on the back of a camel. Explore the canyon oasis, natural spring & camel ranch. Included is a guided tour through their animal sanctuary. Relax in oasis tents with snacks & drinks, and enjoy a tropical drinks tasting. Feed the camels and learn about them, as well as other species!


Kingdom – Baja’s Animal Sanctuary

The Animal Sanctuary at Wild Canyon features crocodiles, lovebirds, lizards and more! Bilingual interactive guided tours are optional, and you can even feed the animals on this tour. All animals in the sanctuary are cared for by trainers and biologists, and they’ve all been rescued from other locations.

Moon Zipping – Ziplines at Night

Take part in an original baja zipline experience at night, featuring full gear and headlamps! This is a rare treat, as it is only offered during full moons. Dinner and 2 drinks are included with this activity. Ziplining is offered tandem or flying solo. Zip across the canyon past rock formations, under the twinkling stars!

Start planning your Mexico adventure today with the help of Lifestyle Villas! Book your accommodations in one of our luxury villas in Los Cabos – and we’ll take care of everything for you. From scheduling your itinerary to offering in-villa services, we offer everything you need for an excellent vacation experience!


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