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Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and Los Cabos is the perfect location to host this very special day! Few places compare with Cabo as a magical wedding or party destination. In today’s blog, Lifestyle Villas offers a few tips for planning your destination wedding here in our sun-soaked paradise:


Beach Wedding Los Cabos1. Find the Perfect Beach

When you think destination weddings, a beautiful beach scene is a common picture that pops into your head. The Los Cabos area of Mexico offers some of the most beautiful beaches you will find, and a beach wedding makes for amazing wedding pictures! When you choose Lifestyle Villas, we’ll help you plan the perfect wedding. Many of our private homes are located right on the beach, a perfect setting for your special day. The entire wedding party can stay in the house and the whole event can take place right there at your private villa! You’ll save money because the lodging and venue are combined; there’s no added venue fee for the ceremony or the reception!


2. Take a Pre-Wedding Trip

Your weddings is one of the most spectacular days of your life and of course you want it to be perfect. One way to assure that you’re going to have everything the way you want it is to take a pre-wedding trip to the destination. You can scope out venues, meet vendors and get an idea of what to expect on your wedding day in person. You’ll feel much better about the entire event having met people in person instead of just over the phone and through email.


3. Consider the Extra Expenses

Traveling to a tropical location is not necessarily cheap. You’re going to have to pay airfare and lodging on top of the traditional wedding expenses. You also have to take into account that different areas charge different rates for wedding services. If done right, often times you can have a destination wedding for less than you would pay having your wedding at home. Just like with any wedding, one of the first planning steps you should take is to create a budget. Make sure you include all the extra expenses that come with a destination wedding into that budget from the beginning.


Wedding at Villa4. Choose Your Vendors Carefully

When it comes to destination weddings, you won’t be able to be quite as hands-on as if your vendors were around the block. It’s important that you find vendors you are comfortable with. Research them online and read reviews. You should also be able to get a list of reputable vendors from your wedding planner. As mentioned in point number 2, it’s a good idea to schedule a pre-wedding planning trip to meet with everyone before the big day arrives. If that’s not possible, try to do a video chat or phone interview so you aren’t just blindly hiring a company to be in charge of something as important as your wedding. If you choose to hire vendors from home, keep in mind that you’ll be required to pay their travel and lodging expenses on top of their service fees.



5. Keep Your Guest List Small

For many people, traveling to a wedding in a distant location is not feasible for everyone. Not only will you want to keep your costs down, but you don’t want people to feel left out. Keep your guest list small and only invite your close family and friends. You consider hosting a second wedding reception back home to include those that weren’t invited to the wedding. In addition, you should forewarn your friends about the destination before you ask them to be a bridesmaid. Don’t be upset if they can’t attend, as some people’s finances may be too tight to afford to attend your destination wedding.


6. Do Your Legal Research

Different destinations have different legal requirements when it comes to getting married in their country. Many countries have a “residency requirement” that can be anywhere from a few days to over a month. Luckily here in Mexico, you don’t need to be a resident to get legally married. You will need to have at least 4 witnesses present, and you’ll also need to provide several documents including marriage application forms, passports, travel visa (if required), birth certificates, chest x-rays from Mexico, and blood test from Mexico. Your marriage will be valid worldwide, but you will need to get your certificate “legalized” in Mexico to ensure it’s legally accepted when you get back home. Do your research and consider consulting a local wedding planner.


Beach Wedding 27. Hire a Local Wedding Planner

Hiring a local wedding planner, someone that is familiar with Los Cabos, will help a lot. You will be better prepared for what to expect, as far as doing business in Mexico, and you’ll also know what is expected of you for the marriage, especially on the legal side mentioned above. When you choose Lifestyle Villas, we’ll provide you with an event coordinator to take care of all your wedding plans, from the catering to the music and flowers. As opposed to resorts and restaurants, where you’d be offered a set menu and decor, you’ll have the flexibility to plan your special day just the way you want, with some guided help along the way!


When you choose Los Cabos for your destination wedding, one thing’s for sure – you’ll remember it forever! The advantages of renting a private villa in Los Cabos for your event are many. In addition to privacy, you’ll have the flexibility to customize your menus and decor. You’ll also be able to stretch your budget without compromising quality. You’ll work with one of our event coordinators, and you’ll have all the flexibility to suit your needs and budget. When you choose Lifestyle Villas, you get access to destination management services, concierge services and our list of select local service providers. Organizing your destination wedding just got even easier!


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