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Whether you’ve flown 100 times or are getting ready for your first flight, getting there on time, navigating your way through the airport and preparing to be in the air for a long period of time can be a little stressful. In today’s blog, we offer a few tips to help you prepare for your flight to Los Cabos!


Passenger Plane1. Arrive at the Airport Early.

Most airlines will tell you to arrive at least 2 hours prior to your flight’s departure. While many people will tell you that’s too early, depending on the size of the airport, sometimes it can take an hour just to get through security. To avoid missing your flight, just plan to be there early and bring a book to read or something else to pass the time.


2. Don’t Forget Your Passport.

If you’re used to flying domestically, you haven’t had to worry about having your passport with you. Your driver’s license is something most people always have on them, and that works fine if you aren’t leaving the country. When flying to Los Cabos, make sure that you have your passport before you leave the house.


3. Wear Slip On Shoes.

You want to get through security just as fast as the TSA officers do. Wearing slip on shoes makes it easier to get them off quickly when you’re standing in the security line. It also makes it easier to put them back on after you’re done going through security; you’re not sitting there having to lace up your shoes.


4. Put Your Laptop in a Separate Bin.

The TSA agents will generally remind you to place your laptop in a separate bin. If you leave it in your bag, they will pull your bag and go through it. Sometimes your laptop will be pulled anyway for a second check. While it can be frustrating waiting, keep in mind that it’s for your and everyone else’s safety.


5. Bring Chewing Gum.

One way to help with your ears popping is to chew gum as you’re taking off and landing. This will help with the pressure you experience as the plane is gaining altitude. Yawning can also help with the sensation.


flying6. Bring a Pillow.

International flights are generally longer than your typical flight, unless you live in a southern state. Being cooped up in the tight space can quickly become uncomfortable. Bringing a pillow for your neck can help with your comfort level.


7. Pack Light.

Make sure not to over pack with your carry-on luggage. Not only will it be hard to find the things you actually need on the flight, but too much stuff crowds your space. Leg room is limited on flights and it’s definitely important that you have room to stretch on long flights.


8. Get Up and Move Around.

On long flights, it’s important that you get up to help the blood circulation in your legs. While getting up and moving around on a plane might not be the easiest task, try to do so at least once per hour. Even if you don’t get completely up, make sure you take a moment to stretch and flex your calves. Make sure you’re not sitting in the exact same position for long periods of time.


9. Drink Plenty of Water.

Getting dehydrated while flying is easy, you can’t just grab a glass of water whenever you want like you could at home. You also can’t bring water through security with you. However, you can bring an empty water battle to fill up after you get through security and are at the gate. In addition, you can have the flight attendant fill up your bottle while on the plane.


As you’re preparing for your Los Cabos vacation, be sure to keep these tips in mind. Also remember that Lifestyle Villas is here for all your vacation planning needs. Not only do we offer the best luxury villa rentals in Los Cabos, but we’ll help you find the best activities and the best restaurants. Be sure to ask about our in-villa services as well, to make this trip your most relaxing one yet!


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