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Cabo is a year-round surfing destination; spring and summer is the time for surfing in the Sea of Cortez, while fall and winter is the best time to surf on the Pacific side. The Los Cabos area offers diversity in location, break direction, level of difficulty and some of the greatest coastal scenery you’ll experience anywhere! If you’ve never tried surfing before, but want to learn, we can set you up with some of the best instructors in the area!

In today’s blog, we offer a 7 Los Cabos surfing tips for beginners.


surfers on beach1. Don’t Try It Alone.

Even if you’re good at every other sport you’ve tried, don’t approach surfing by yourself. For first-timers, it’s important that you get an experienced surfer, or even better a professional instructor, to teach you the ropes. This will also help you avoid injuring yourself and others.


2. Use a Large Surfboard.

When you’re just starting out, grab a large board. The larger the board, the easier it will be to develop the fundamental mechanics and you’ll catch a lot more waves in the early stages. Some people are tempted to jump on a smaller, shorter board as quick as possible, but it’s better if you work your way up to those boards.


3. Get a Soft-Top Board.

If you’ve never gone surfing before, be prepared to get hit with your board. For this reason, its best if you start out with a soft-top board. In addition, you’ll be spending a lot more time sitting than standing, which will be more comfortable on a softer board.


4. Choose the Right Spot.

If you’re surfing with a trained professional from the area, they’ll know the best spots for beginners. Using a beach that’s appropriate for beginners is crucial to your success. Learning on a beach that is known for good, steady waves makes the process a lot smoother. Be sure to attempt small waves first; wait until your teacher says you’re ready to attempt a larger one.


5. Practice on Land First.

Don’t rush getting into the water. Spend some time on the beach with your instructor first. Check your leash and board, and take a moment to watch the waves. Keep an eye on other surfers to see what they are doing. Also, practice popping up on your board. The key to standing up on a wave is a quick and fluid pop up. It may look dorky, but perfecting the motion on the beach will make it come a lot easier once in the water.


surfing in Mexico6. Learn to Paddle.

While paddling may seem like one of the easiest aspects of surfing, many beginners paddle too far back on their boards. This causes the board to do a wheelie and move slower. On the other hand, paddling too far up can lead to the nose of your board poking underwater. Find that sweet spot in the middle; you’ll also want to find a rhythm and keep it. It will be quite exhausting the first few times you do it.


7. Get Used to Wiping Out.

As a beginner, wiping out is inevitable. You will fall, fall and fall again, so get used to it. The waves will knock you down, you’ll get confused and frustrated and you’ll even get some bruises. Just keep in mind that it’s all part of the game and practice makes perfect.


With close guidance by professional instructors, you’ll be up and riding your first wave in no time! We invite you to spend some time in the crystal blue waters surrounding Los Cabos and get to know the feeling of the wave. Talk to your Lifestyle specialist today by calling 1-888-655-9589 to start planning you itinerary for your vacation. Lifestyle Villas has offered the most fun, creative and safe activities in Los Cabos for many years, and we will be happy to not only set you up with the best accommodations in Los Cabos, but also an exciting schedule of activities!


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