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While traveling is fun and exciting, often times you want a little sense of home. When you choose to stay in one of our Los Cabos luxury villas, you’ll get many of those conveniences you crave. Keep reading to learn more about our villa rental program and why you should choose to stay with Lifestyle Villas!


Kitchen1. Privacy.

When you stay at a resort or hotel in a tourist destination, you’re constantly surrounded by other people. Whether it’s children running around screaming or adults partying, sometimes it can be a little much. Everyone wants some privacy, and when you rent a private home in Los Cabos, you can have that and more!


2. Full Kitchen.

Avoid the need to eat out for every meal while on vacation when you rent a home with a full kitchen. You can keep snacks and drinks on hand, or prepare full meals if you want. Lifestyle Villas even has a private chef that can come prepare meals for you. Relax and enjoy a delicious traditional Mexican meal in the comfort of your private home.


3. Gathering Areas.

Are you traveling to Los Cabos for a family reunion or other group function? When staying in a hotel, it’s difficult to get the entire group together in one place. Choosing a Los Cabos home rental allows you plenty of gathering space. Lounge around the pool, gather in the living room or come together in the kitchen for a meal.


Beach and Pool4. Private Pool/Beach.

All you want to do is relax by the pool or on the beach while on vacation in Los Cabos. You arrive to find the beach is crowded and the pool is overflowing with children and families. When you rent a private home from Lifestyle Villas, that’s not an issue. Most of our homes come with a private pool that you and your family or friends will have all to yourself. In addition, several of our rentals are beachfront homes in Los Cabos, so you’ll be able to enjoy a quiet and serene beach experience.


5. Separate Bedrooms.

No more sharing a bedroom with the kids or another couple when you choose to stay in a private home. Our villas are nice and roomy, allowing each couple to have their own private bedroom. Get the best of both worlds, gathering space and privacy, when you stay in one of our homes. Many of the homes also have a bathroom for each bedroom, so you won’t have to share those either! At the end of the day when you’re ready to get away from all the hustle and bustle of family time and vacation fun, you’ll have a private room to escape to.


To book your reservations in one of our gorgeous Los Cabos villa rentals, give us a call at 1-888-655-9589. Lifestyle Villas is here to help you make the most of your time in Los Cabos. We want you leaving with amazing memories and the desire to come back and see us again!


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