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Due to the sapphire waters surrounding the Baja Peninsula, the Los Cabos area offers great fishing year-round! In fact, Cabo is home to some of the biggest and richest fishing tournaments in the world.

In today’s blog, you’ll learn more about several different types of deep sea fish in Los Cabos!


A Striped Marlin Jumping in Mexico's Sea of Cortez

1. Striped Marlin

Cabo San Lucas is regarded as the world’s epicenter for striped marlin, due to the fact that its perched at the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Among some of the most beautiful deep sea fish, with its bluish-purple stripes, the striped marlin is considered the perfect billfish to many anglers. These fish tend to tail the surface, giving anglers the opportunity to sight-cast to individual fish. In addition, they have the speed and strength to catapult themselves in explosive aerial displays. You can catch striped marlin year-round in Cabo.


2. Blue Marlin

Blue marlin can be found both in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, but the species differ slightly. The blue marlin is the largest of all marlins, with lengths of up to 11 feet and weight of up to 2,000 lbs. These fish are cobalt blue on top, shading to a silvery white on the bottom. They are powerful and aggressive fish; they run hard and long, sound deep and leap high into the air. Blue marlin, or any other marlin species, larger than 300 lbs are almost always females.


3. Black Marlin

The black marlin’s body is a slate blue that changes abruptly to a silvery white below. When feeding or leaping, the black marlin may display light blue vertical stripes on the sides, similar to the stripped marlin. A highly rated game fish, the black marlin has the power, size and persistence of which anglers dream. Though there are some exceptions, giant black marlin are larger than giant blue marlin taken on rod and reel; this is because the large black marlin are more accessible than the large blue marlin.


Sailfish fish swimming underwater in Atlantic Ocean

4. Sail Fish

Sailfish are the fastest fish in the ocean, and have been known to leap out of the water at more than 68 mph. They are blue to gray in color with white underbellies. The sailfish get their name from the spectacular dorsal fin that stretches nearly the length of their body and is much higher than their bodies are thick. They are found near the ocean’s surface, usually far from land, and tend to shepherd with their sails, making them easy prey. Their meat is fairly tough and not widely eaten, but they are prized as game fish.


5. Swordfish

Swordfish are large, predatory fish characterized by a long, flat bill. For tough anglers, the swordfish’s dangerous defenses are a welcome challenge. They are a popular sport fish that can typically be found near the surface. They commonly reach about 9.8 feet in length and around 1,430 lbs in weight. Contrary to popular belief, the “sword” is not used to spear, but actually may be used to slash at its prey. Mainly the swordfish relies on its great speed and agility in the water to catch its prey. It is among some of the fastest fish in the ocean.


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