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The activities that await you in Los Cabos are wide and varied. From land to sea, there’s something for everyone to enjoy while on their Mexico vacation. For those adventurous souls that like to become one with nature, a hike through the desert lands of Los Cabos is just the thing for you! Depending on where you’re used to hiking though, the climate in Los Cabos could be quite different. Today’s blog offers a few tips for hiking in the desert:


1. Dress Appropriately for Hiking.

While it’s going to be hot, you want to make sure you protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Los Cabos is known for having sunshine practically every day of the year! Wear a hat with a brim and sunglasses. Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen before you head out on the hike, and re-apply it throughout the day as well. While you likely won’t want to wear long sleeves in the desert heat, be sure to bring something that you can cover up with, or take on and off, that will help protect you from the sun. One of the most important choices when it comes to hiking attire, is your shoes. Make sure that you wear comfortable boots or hiking shoes that are already broken-in. New shoes are definitely not ideal for long hikes, as you’ll likely end up with blisters because they haven’t been broken-in.


2. Hydrate Before and During Your Hike.

Not only is it important to drink water while you’re out in the desert heat, but you’ll also want to hydrate before you even head out on a hike. After a night’s sleep, your body is likely slightly dehydrated, and you’ll want to make sure to give it plenty of water before heading out. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to drink a liter of water for every hour that you’re hiking. However, in temperatures above 85°F, you’ll want to increase your intake. Carry more water than you think you’ll need, as it’s very easy to become dehydrated in a desert climate. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to take a drink; be sure to sip constantly throughout the hike. Becoming dehydrated can easily sour your vacation.


3. Don’t Overdo It.

If you’re not used to hiking on a regular basis, it’s probably not the best idea to choose a difficult trail that will keep you hiking most of the day. Be sure to choose a trail that’s suitable for your experience and fitness levels. Unless you’re a very experienced hiker, you should consider arranging a hiking tour, so you have a guide to show you around. Not only will you get your exercise hiking, but you’ll be able to learn more about the wildlife and plant life of Los Cabos when you have a guide with you.  Take it easy and enjoy the beautiful Los Cabos desert. Walking at a comfortable pace will ease the heat and the need for water, while also allowing for a deeper enjoyment of the activity at hand!


The Los Cabos desert is a stunning place, just be smart about your hiking choices. Start planning your hiking excursion today. When you call to book your villa rental in Los Cabos, ask your Lifestyle specialist about adding a hiking tour to your itinerary. We’re here to make your vacation to Los Cabos one you’ll never forget! Trust none other than Lifestyle Villas for the best accommodations in Los Cabos and all your vacation planning needs.



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